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From C.K.W.  "Ken" Gammage, Sr., Editor, "The Richland Report," LaJolla, CA: (April 23, 2002)

     As the editor and publisher of a stock market advisory letter since 1976, I am familiar with conventional market cycle analysis, and have used the Hurst Method since mid-1974. But for accuracy and remarkable market high and low point calls, I have never seen the equal of James Schildgen.

     Jim has his own quite unique cycle methodology. I do not profess to know exactly how it works, but it does work.

     A few examples:

          In the year 1999, Jim told me, months in advance, to expect an important low sometime around the third week of October. That happened to agree with my own Hurst cycle work, and indeed, we did see that low at that time. But the Hurst work that I do is better at bottoms than tops, so --     [low came October 18th]

          In the year 2000, when Jim told me (actually in late 1999) that we would see a major top in the Dow Industrials and other Big Board stocks in or around January 18th (and he always says to allow plus-or-minus one trading day when he gets date-specific), I was intrigued, and particularly when he added that I should expect highs in the Nasdaq on March 4 or 13. All of these occurred on schedule as Jim had forecast.

          In the year 2001, Jim told me to expect a period of lows between March 22 and April 4, which occurred on schedule.

          And finally, he told me to expect important lows in 2001 around September 20 or 21st, again, plus-or-minus one trading session. You know what happened.

     I do not use the word "genius" lightly, but when it comes to utilization of cycles in market timing, I think its application to Jim Schildgen is appropriate.

                                                                      Sincerely, C.K.W. (Ken) Gammage, Sr.


From Michael Cohen, Scout Financial, LLC, Lake Forest, IL: (April 29, 2002)

     I have known Jim Schildgen since our days at Heinold Stocks and Commodities some 18-20 years ago. Within months of joining the Chicago office, Jim became the top broker in commissions and in making profits for his clients. In the last few years, after reacquainting with him at the Futures Expo, I've learned that he has applied himself to a greater extent. His technical work evolved to the point that from early 1997, he has amazed me in every way.

     The best example is to give the example of the calls he has given me. (List out in sub-order) 1997 - Major top in soybeans [in May], will follow wheat and corn back down to major lows. 1997 - A Major Financial Panic will hit this year (It hit in Southeast Asia, Latin America, South America), in currency and equities. Many stock markets just collapsed, bringing down bank loans, speculation in general and currencies halved in 12 months right on schedule. [The 'Asian meltdown!'] 

      1998 - This year will be a bear year for equities worldwide (on a 3.97-yr. cycle). The "low will be around the third week in Sept." he said. There were two lows, the first week of Sept. and the first week in Oct.  Feb. 1999 - Crude oil turned up mid-month and he said it would go up and test 1990's highs around $ 38-40/bbl. The top was hit around $ 37.60 as prices went into a major distributive top. He said in late 2000 around Thanksgiving, watch the following Monday for major reversals in different markets, and a "possible top in crude." It came Monday, Nov. 27, 2000 just like he said. 1999 - When stocks were at their lows, I believe in mid-October, he said watch for highs "on January 18 [in 2000], + or - 1 trading day, March 4th or March 13th, all + or -1 trading day." The Dow Jones topped on Friday, Jan 14th at 11,800. It hasn't been higher since. March 4th was a Saturday. March 13th was Monday. The high in high techs worldwide (NASDAQ included) came on March 10th, Friday! I haven't figured out how he does it. Sept. 1, 2000 - "Sell short all stocks!" The last rally high came on September 1st, Friday and the 5th, Tuesday. Nothing but bear markets since. 2001 - "First week in November, sell all financials short!" This amazed me, as I thought I knew everything about bonds. Jim knows more! Bonds and notes made two highs, on November 1st and 8th and went into a 10 - 11 point plunge. Then he told me, the markets worldwide will continue to go down until April 2003! That's 16 months after the high he called in advance.

     Other major calls... 2002 will be a disastrous bear market for stocks. 2003 - a financial panic year with money going into all commodities such as grains and metals, paralleling a rise in interest rates. 2004 - another equity bear year possible. 2006 - another bear year for stocks. These are some of the major ones I can remember. He has given me much more but I can't recall the short term signals, which he was over 90% correct on. Jim has found the secrets to the markets and I am looking forward to his next call.

     Michael Cohen


From Gerhard Simon, President, S & S Electronics Morton Grove, IL.: (July 14, 1992)

     I have known Mr. Schildgen since 1982 and have personally benefited from his skill and talent on calling the markets and especially currency markets. His accuracy in projecting out trends in currency, especially the Deutschmark has impressed me greatly. I have followed his advice and use it in my purchasing decisions of large quantities of electronics equipment and supplies constantly as I represent major suppliers for North America nationally.

     I have profited immensely in this advisory arrangement for the better part of the last decade. In particular, I will not cease to be amazed by his expertise on calling the market crashes of the '80s almost to the day. Even then, I was able to double my profits.

     It is always a pleasure to discuss economic or political events with Mr. Schildgen as he has a sense of reality that allows him to "read between the lines," an ability not recognized by the media. His insight and wisdom far outshadow his intelligence which is evidenced by anyone having a discussion with him.

     I would strongly recommend Mr. Schildgen to other investors as well because I continue to receive outstanding results by following his advice. His methods and professionalism are certainly a winning combination to seriously consider.

     Sincerely, Gerhard Simon


     "I have read your Real Estate article in full and agree it will be a total melt down. I think E. Harriman said "Panics do not occur on a gradual basis."                                                                                                   

      Thank you for sending your well written article James! You have a lot of good information!                            

       Marcus S., Palmerton, PA.


From Susan Sjo, President, Sjo, Inc., Chicago, IL: (January 17, 1992) (Major money mgmt. firm who at one time was handling over $ 540 million in futures.)

     I have been acquainted with Jim for several years and have come to respect his cycle timing techniques. In 1991 I followed them very closely and was impressed with his accuracy. Jim has a long "track record" in the futures business and brings a historical point of view to his work. This lends itself to the indexing system he has developed, which takes the very long view. I have found this part of his work particularly original. Since there is no real performance record on it, I cannot attest to its capabilities, but am impressed by its design.

     I personally enjoy an idea sharing relationship with Jim, and can attest that the depth and scope he has used for designing his systems is truly expansive.

     Sincerely,  Susan Sjo, President


From Kuniyasu Saito, Exec. Vice President, Kezai Look International, Chicago, IL & Tokyo, Japan: (April 1991)

Dear Mr. Schildgen: I would like to thank you personally for all that you have done for Kezai Look International Co., Ltd., and LaSalle Business Resources, Inc. Your seminar has provided us with much information that would have been difficult for us to obtain by other means. Your knowledge and expertise on analyzing the market has become a valuable source for us.

I hope you enjoyed presenting your information to us. We know your time is valuable, and we appreciate you spending some of it to educate us. We see you as an important business associate, and hope we can continue working with you in the future.

Sincerely, Kuniyasu Saito, Executive Vice President


From Gary Bouchard, President, Central States Petroleum, Lexington, KY. Also, President,, Lexington, Ky. Also, Chairman,, Lexington, KY. Former C.B.O.T. member. March, 1992.

      I have known Jim Schildgen for nearly fifteen years since I was originally involved with Heinold Commodities in the '70s and later as a current member of the Board of Trade and Mid-America Exchanges.

     Over the years, Jim has continued to impress me and I'm sure several other investor traders with his extensive and comprehensive knowledge of not only the various commodity markets, but with the working machinations and psychological influences as well. He has endeavored to write several books and treatises on the markets and was featured as a speaker on various symposiums and television programs. I have personally witnessed him control the investments of clients' (trading) capital, including my own, and reap huge returns. His methods and analysis to market strategies has been accurate and detailed and must be given serious consideration.

     In the event my personal situation allows me  the opportunity to further my investment into commodities, I would not hesitate to seek his professional guidance and management. I would strongly recommend him to other investment groups as well because, in my opinion, there is much truth to the old adage that "the proof is in the pudding," and he has certainly proven himself to me.

Sincerely, Gary Bouchard


From Ike Iossif, Presient/Chief Invstment Officer, Aegean Capital Group, Inc., Chino Hills, CA.  June 1, 2002.

     I have known Mr. Schildgen for a little bit over a year. Duing this period he has made some rather remarkable market calls such as:

     1) In August 2001 sometime, he predicted that the first- and most probable low in equities worldwide (not just the U.S.), would be on late Sept. 20-Thursday or early Friday, Sept. 21. And then stocks would go sideways to up, into the last 2 weeks of December. [Friday opening, the DJI opened LOWER on a 400-point gap, and that was it for the downside!]

     2) He suggested that no matter what happened in late September, one MUST be LONG by October 14th!

     3) At that time money was leaving equities worldwide, and going into debt - bonds and notes, sending interest rates down on the long part of the yield curve.

     4) He warned to look for a bond top in the first week of November! Of course, this is history but, November 1st and 8th were perfect climax top days, sending all debt markets crashing for 10-11 points!

     5) More importantly, he said that these prices would continue down for 15- to 16 months, to April 2003 at least, no matter what.

     6) He also said that 2003 would be a FINANCIAL PANIC YEAR with all commodities such as grain and metals exploding upwards to that point April and possibly July 2003! That implies that monies would be leaving all debt and possibly real estate to go into these bullish buying patterns, and possibly the collapse of the REAL ESTATE BUBBLE that so many people are relying upon.

     7) He also has warned 2002 would be a bear year, a DISASTROUS year for equities.

     8) He has predicted that 2004 would possibly continue as a low point in equities, tied into the 30-year cycle that goes back over 150 years in time.

     9) When he said to BUY ALL METALS in November 2001, I didn't care about that because so many other "gold-experts, etc." had tried before and been dead wrong. But buying all metals in November 2001 was THE THING TO DO, including gold shares.

     10) I have learned many things from James, including the 52-day trading cycle in equities. (Actually, according to Jim, it is 51.8174-days or, 72.5444-calendar days.)

     He claims he has broken the code to every market out there by his deep understanding of cycles in prices. He has also sent me many letters by fax explaining these and other long-term economic- and financial cycles.

     Last but not least, he predicted that after the last two weeks in December 2001, equities (worldwide) would go SIDEWAYS in a TRADING MARKET! Not only has this been correct but, no one else I know of made such a sideways call for equities!

     I must say that I have come to the conclusion that James must be an AUTHENTIC GENIUS.

           Ike Iossif, President/Chief Investment Officer




From letters and emails I have received recently. Besides the usual brokers and aggressive traders looking for the ultimate trading system/plan (which does not exist as real markets are a collection of variable energy cycles, which are multi-phase, multi-variable) for nothing, some were quite interesting and cogent.

From D.S.P., Laguna Beach, California: James, I really enjoy the effort and research you’ve put into your market analysis, as well as out to the world in a most transparent way via your website. I’m sure the viewers have no idea how much time and reading research you’ve done to call the markets as you’ve done. And you’re hiding your really advanced cycles work you’ve done since 1998. No one in the investment houses is anywhere near what you’ve discovered. I certainly hope you get funds to manage which is your primary goal to all this. No one in the public arena will ever get an idea as to what the key to all this is – “Energy is the Key” as you always say. I remember back in 1995 when you said that 1996 was going to be a dynamically bullish year for grains based on the 7.36-yr. cycle. You were so right! Back in 2002, you said how all the (physicals) markets were going to explode upwards based on the 27.45-yr. Cycle and 29.46-yr. Cycle, just as they did back in 1973-74, and they have. The dynamic bull markets in soybeans in 2003-04 was about as perfect a call as any I’ve seen in over 25 years as a broker, as well as the gyrations of the grain markets. Since I’ve taken your course, I’ve begun to understand “crowd psychology” for the long term as well as the short-term price moves. The 7.36-yr. cycle and its source are unbelievable all by itself. I just wish I had learned all this back in Chicago in 1994 when you spoke at that Economic Cycles seminar, and I got your Vol. I: Reference Guide. Since I know that 2006 is going to be a hell of a bear year in equities (worldwide), I’m going to plan ahead as you do, in greater detail for turning points. God, if the bank trading desk traders only had more common sense, instead of being so short term, with this information, they would own everything including the planets.

From J.L., Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Am still doing your type continuation charts, which you said are closest to the underlying cash markets. And I am so grateful for getting out of my over-leveraged real estate property. Like you, I can now smell the blood of all those people deep in debt “counting their profits/market gain” that they will never see. Your calling for a now-imminent real estate bubble/crash (your time-set is safe with me) wiping out most of the middle class in your country and mine is right on. You are still one of the most knowledgeable financial analysts of panics and manias that is out there, that I know of.

From Dr. K. S., Germany: I liked it [Crude Oil Commentary 8/8/05] because in your introduction you explained the interaction of oil producers, carmakers, advertising and currency… price bands…….. energy cycle markets….. resistance levels……. Supply statistics + hedge funds……. Under trading plan you put your prognosis……. Short prognosis at $70/barrel…… time….. Sept./Okt…… this is what I expect in a newsletter…… Introduction……. Interaction…… Prognosis……. Facts to follow on……

From C.N., Elk Grove Village, Illinois: Your calling the top of the bond market in mid-2003 was proof positive that you’ve definitely got all the long-term cycles down pat. With the continuation charts I keep, we should both have the exact top on June 16th at 124.12 for the 30-Year (6 % coupon) Treasury Bonds. Back in 1993, you aid it was going to be around June-August of 2003, paralleling the 1946-47 high in bond prices from that time. You were so right! I also remember your ranting about late-1999 being The High in the equity bubble (worldwide) back in 1993 as well. But your short-term dates you called of January 18th, March 4th and March 13th, +/- one trading day, was the clincher. All the large-cap stock indexes hit their highs on Friday, January the 14th; the hi-techs topped on Friday, March 10th, 2000 with a secondary high on March 24th. Unbelievable! But then you said to wait for September 1st, 2000 to sell the hell out of all Equities

     You even got one hedge fund manager to get out of all the 401k tech positions that week on Friday. Some of your dates do not have anything hit on. But others hit very well. You truly do understand “Energy” as it applies to crowd psychology. Recently I read on your first, crude attempt for a website, that you expect two civil wars for America. Would you please explain that? And you made reference to a ‘complete banking system collapse’ based on cycles work you’ve done, going back to the 1300s.

      I remember your showing us the ‘Schildgen Master Cycle of 54.90-Yrs.’ with all its details and source. And how it was your solution to Farmer S. Benner’s cycles of [physicals, pig iron, corn, etc.] high prices and good times (8,9 & 10 yrs.), low prices and hard times (9, 7 & 11 yrs.) and panics (16, 20, 18 & 20 yrs.). On the phone, you said you’ve eliminated or explained over 90-92% of all panics, crashes and buying manias with just the correct application of three long-term cycles. I haven’t seen it, but I believe you by your prior work you’ve done. Your turning points were specific kinds of panics and crashes, creating American history in pure cycles of repetition. This type of thinking is revolutionary and anti-thema to the socialists that pervade our so-called school system. Your “Cyclical History” charts of financial happenings would revolutionize the way history and maybe even finance is taught. Your way would be more interesting and understandable.

       The 1997-98 (Inter-National) War in Yugoslavia was exactly on schedule, tied into the 1914 assassination of the Archduke that precipitated World War I in July 1914. Same place and time! This is the 84.015 years war cycle you love to follow and expand on in detail. How are you coming along with your master project? The one where you explain, correlate and tie in all the U.L.F./E.L.F./V.L.F. frequencies to each of the markets as well as to humans? I remember that you found the actual “death ray” frequency the French discovered in the ‘50s by accident. And understand where the earth’s Schumann resonance [7.83 Hz.] and the additional harmonics to that energy level came from. And Dr. Royal R. Rife’s cancer-destroying frequencies, the anthrax ones [139,000 Hz.], etc., the hypnotic state of 10.00 Hz. (I take good notes from the class you gave) as well as the mass depression level of 6.60 Hz. are also in your list.

      Most revealing was your statement that, it was the V.L.F. frequencies that controlled the endocrine glands – the pituitary gland, the pineal, adrenals, the liver, the solar plexus, the gonads, the Kundalini gland (unknown in the West), the thyroid and parathyroid glands, etc. It is the science of Radionics that states that each specific organ and cell in the human body has its own frequency of existence. These, as I remember your talking about with high passion, were the keys to mass ‘Crowd Behavior’ in all financial markets. As I recall, the pituitary gland works in conjunction with the midbrain to produce endorphins – natural ‘high’ hormones. This was in direct response to Jupiter’s frequencies of optimism. It was the production of hormones such as melatonin (pineal gland), estrogens, progestins, thyroid and other hormones that affect our thinking, decision-making and behavior.

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